Rockin my new American Outlaws shirt at a “meeting”.

Bucket list

Walked into Dotson’s & my server said “the usual?”

I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.

Goodbye, Beautiful

"Goodbye, beautiful" I said to my last cigarette as it skipped off of the street in my side view mirror. It wouldn’t be my last cigarette ever; just for tonight. There are cats asking after me by name and I still confuse theirs. After that I’ll have to lay down. I’ll be too comfortable to walk down the stairs and stand outside. After that I’ll…is it Caroline? She wants me to love her but I can’t, she isn’t mine. Sometimes I hold her to my chest and I feel a closeness to her but then she looks at me like a stranger and I do not know her name. I didn’t feed her today. She has water. It’s been 3 days.

"Good morning, beautiful" I said to my first cigarette just as I spilled coffee on my freshly pressed pants. I’m sitting by the lake and I do not understand the Canada geese. Maybe they’re snow geese. Allen told me once how the Canada geese flock had grown from 400 birds to over 10,000 in less than a decade; that was just in our neighborhood! What do they want with my beautiful Tennessee lakes? They’re lovely but I fear they’re quite dumb; why not find a state that skips winter entirely? Perhaps Tennessee was meant to be a rest stop but their engines wouldn’t start again and it started getting cold and they fucked each other to stay warm. Maybe they’re not here by choice and I am being too hard on the Canada geese.

She’s a nightmare
She’s a wet dream
She’s a melody I can’t seem to sing
She’s a lot of things
She’s a lot like me
She’s gone

Post-Opry pals.

Bucket list ✔️ got to play The Grand Ole Opry with these two monsters. All the thank yous in the world to @emilywestmusic for this experience. (at Grand Ole Opry)